Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Mylanta! Birthday Label Fun

Here's a vodka bottle label I made to celebrate Hailey's 21st Birthday. My step-mom asked me to make one for her granddaughter's BIG birthday. Cool! Then I started doing the math and realized - wait a minute, Hailey was born in 1990 ... and now she's 21.  I clearly remember 1990, I was just starting high school, how could that be 21 years ago!? It took a little bit to get over that shock and then I started playing with some typography and ended up with a pretty fun bottle label.

There's even a drink recipe on the back for the "Haileytini." I started with a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka. I measured the bottle and label area and then designed a label that will fit in that area. My step-mom told me Hailey LOVES pink (how fun, I do too) and her favorite saying is "OH MYLANTA!" So with that in mind, here's the design I created.

After the design is done, I take a PDF file to my local Kinko's and have them print it out on bright white laser paper. The stores are officially called FedEx Office Print Centers, but I used to work for them way back when they were Kinko's Copies and I can't think of them as anything other than Kinko's, besides Kinko's is a way cooler name anyway. My next step is cutting out the label and spraying adhesive on the back and slap it on the bottle. Ta da!! Super cute, personalized and unique gift.